The 2018 Bologna Children’s Book Fair will see changes resulting from a €100 million renovation taking place at the exhibition center. The biggest impact will be on exhibitors previously situated in Halls 29 and 30, which are being completely rebuilt. Those impacted largely comprise publishers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Korea, among others. “They will be moved to Halls 21 and 22 for next year,” said exhibition manager Elena Pasoli. She added: “The space is a bit smaller, so there may be some temporary overflow into Hall 32, where the digital exhibitions are located.” The renovations to Halls 29 and 30 are expected to be completed in time for the 2019 fair.

Among the changes fairgoers can look forward to in coming years are more green spaces on the grounds, wider use of natural light for illumination, and higher quality concessions.

Pasoli emphasized that the renovations will in no way impact the agents and rights center at the fair.

Next year’s fair runs from March 26–29. It will feature, for the first time, an exhibition of children’s books focused on architecture and design, a track of seminars on audiobooks for children, and the inaugural European Children’s Bookstore Conference. The Guest of Honor country is China.