Following last year's rollout of a new school book fair business, which launched regionally in October, Follett has announced that it will expand Follett Book Fairs into the Texas market, beginning in August. Nader Qaimari, president of Follett School Solutions, made the announcement this week at the 2018 Texas Library Association annual conference in Dallas, noting that the fairs will begin with PreK-8 schools in the Houston and Dallas areas.

“Since we introduced Follett Book Fairs last fall, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception we’ve received from our customers,” Qaimari said. “We’ve rebooked every school from our pilot program for another book fair. And with the expansion into the Dallas and Houston markets, where we have a great presence with our educational partners, we expect our customers there to be similarly excited.”

Follett's preexisting partnerships with publishers allows the company to offer what it calls a "vast selection of books for early education, elementary, and middle school students." Participating schools are eligible to weigh in on what sorts of books they hope to see at their local fairs as well, which Follett says allows for "customization for their unique needs and demographics."