Children’s book author-illustrator Carin Berger has designed the official poster for the 2020 Children’s Book Week, which will take place May 4–10. The poster, which is revealed here for the first time, was officially released by the Children’s Book Council and its charitable arm, Every Child a Reader, which operate the annual week-long event honoring children’s books and the love of reading.

Berger has received the 2006 Founder’s Award from the Society of Illustrators, the Best of Show from 3x3 Magazine for the Children’s Book Show, and the Bull-Bransom Award. Some of her more recent titles include A Curious Menagerie (2019), All of Us (2018), and Good Night! Good Night (2017). As illustrator of this year’s poster, she joins the ranks of recent CBW poster designers, including author-illustrators Yuyi Morales, Christian Robinson, and Jillian Tamaki. Berger was commissioned by the CBC’s independent selection committee, which also chose this year’s bookmark artists: Vanessa Brantley-Newton, Michaela Goade, John Parra, Duncan Tonatiuh, Sydney Smith, and the Fan Brothers.

In the 2020 Children’s Book Week poster, Berger employs her cut-paper collage style to depict various animals reading atop a cloud with their friend, reflecting this year’s theme, “Read. Dream. Share.”. “Each year, we want to convey a dual message: the personal space of reading and the active part that is telling others about favorite books and reading experiences,” said Carl Lennertz, executive director of the CBC and Every Child a Reader. “We love the color palette and the sense of whimsy and floating [in her poster].” In May, 100,000 posters will be distributed to CBW participants, with another print run slated for the fall celebration. The poster will feature the same art, but a possible new sponsor.

This year’s CBW registration is now open, through March 1 and on track to match the 100th anniversary year’s record. Booksellers, libraries, and schools that are unable to participate in the spring are encouraged to register for the fall event, which is set for November 9–15. Click here for further details.