This week, David Shannon has a doggone good event; Fabien Cousteau has a jaws-ome reading; Ernesto Cisneros has a Live-ly launch; and Loree Griffin Burns talks communing with nature.

Dig It

In lieu of an in-person visit as one of his six-city tour stops, Caldecott Honoree David Shannon e-visited Politics & Prose in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday. Called P&P Live!, the event featured Shannon reading Roy Digs Dirt (Scholastic Press), drawing Roy, and answering questions from the audience. More than 250 people attended virtually, and the link to Shannon’s presentation is now being shared with local teachers.

Across the Divide

In honor of his debut novel Efrén Divided (Quill Tree), Ernesto Cisneros took to YouTube Live last week to host a virtual launch event. Introduced by his agent Deborah Warren, Cisneros thanked his supporters, held a q&a facilitated by Michael Covey, and read a select passage from the contemporary middle grade. Efrén Divided centers American-born seventh grader Efrén Nava as ICE’s deportation of his undocumented mother devastates life as his family knows it.

The Life Aquatic

Third-generation ocean explorer, conservationist, and aquanaut Fabien Cousteau recently sat down for a Facebook presentation and live chat for children with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Cousteau read an excerpt from graphic novel Fabien Cousteau Expeditions #1: Great White Shark Adventure (by James O. Fraioli, illus. by Joe St. Pierre, S&S/McElderry); discussed his family, his aquatic adventures, and the importance of ocean preservation efforts; and held a q&a session.

Adventure Is Out There

Hosted by Charlesbridge’s YouTube channel, Loree Griffin Burns (You’re Invited to a Moth Ball) instructed young viewers on how to make their own nature books. Burns told them to explore their own personal ecosystems, take photos of any animals or indication of animal presence, and find patterns of emergence, otherwise log the flora and fauna where they live.