“Kids learn by doing” is at the philosophical core of iSeek, a line of interactive children’s books that Insight Editions will debut on August 18. The publishing program, which encompasses an array of formats encouraging multi-sensory early learning, rolls out with 13 titles that fall under six series. The books are created by U.K.-based packager iSeek, acquired by the publisher in 2018, which remains a creative and financial partner in the program.

The inaugural iSeek list showcases the line’s range of interactive concepts. The new series represented are Sound Books (I Go…Beep Beep! and I Go…Woof!), lift-the-flap books with sound buttons (ages 2 and up); Slide & Seek (My First Slide and Seek: 100 Words, Slide and Seek: 100 Words English-Chinese, and Slide and Seek: 100 Words English-Spanish), pull-the-tab books that aim to expand vocabulary and literacy (ages 3 and up); Fairytale Carousel (Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs ), pop-up books that become 3D panoramas when the covers are opened and tied together with the attached ribbons (ages 3 and up); Let’s Learn: Write and Wipe (First Alphabet Skills and First Number Skills), board books, packaged with washable-ink pens, in which children can practice their alphabet and number skills (ages 3 and up); Fingerprint Friends (Fingerprint Friends and Our World), presenting fingerprint art projects completed using the nine ink pads included (ages 5 and up); and Twisters (Farm and Wild Animals), board books featuring animal faces that when turned around reveal a different animal (ages 5 and up).

The addition of iSeek projects significantly expands Insight Editions’ children’s list in terms of its size and genre composition and enables the company to build on its existing offerings, which are largely brand-based. “The iSeek line gives us the opportunity to do more unlicensed, skill-based books for children,” said Raoul Goff, CEO and publisher. “And it also allows us to leverage the incredible product development skills of the iSeek team, led by Fiona Langdon and Tony Potter, to create new interactive formats for our licensed publishing lines, including Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Labyrinth, and Back to the Future, and to introduce these properties to a younger audience in age-appropriate ways.”

Goff, who estimated that Insight Kids will release approximately 25 iSeek titles annually, emphasized the timeliness of the program’s launch. “These books answer to the need we’re seeing in the children’s market, especially with what is going on in the world,” he said. “With more home schooling and distance learning, parents need a greater reservoir of teaching tools that are interactive and fun, but also educational. The books that iSeek has been developing for the past six or seven years fits that demographic very well.”

Goff also hopes to grow Insight Editions’ children’s program by building on the company’s strengths in its adult publishing ventures. “Looking at the big picture, we envision taking our successes in the adult market into the children’s space, in genres such as environmental education, the focus of our EarthAware Editions imprint, and mind body spirit, which our Mandela imprint covers. These are topics that we are all passionate about here, and we’re excited about the idea of bringing out children’s books in these areas.”