After successfully promoting its core book programs (Children’s Book Week, the National Ambassador program, and Get Caught Reading), Every Child a Reader is turning its attention to another key venture by rebranding the Children’s and Teen Choice Book Awards. Now known as the Kids’ Book Choice Awards, this initiative aims to build on the flagship program by attracting readers of all ages with a more inclusive title.

“The Kids’ Book Choice Awards renaming lets us reinvigorate and really focus on the core mission of giving kids a voice in choosing and celebrating the books they love,” said Shaina Birkhead, associate executive director of Every Child a Reader and the Children’s Book Council. “Because the program encompasses books for young people ages 3–18, we wanted the name to better reflect that while sounding more friendly and shorter.” She likens the refreshed title to Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards and hopes the use of “kids” attracts both ends of the age spectrum.

New Name, New Categories and Look

As part of the effort to generate greater interest and engagement, the Kids’ Book Choice Awards includes a host of new categories, such as Best YA Cover, Best Picture Book Author/Illustrator Duo, Best Graphic Novel, Favorite Character, and Favorite Series. Not only do these additions tap into current trends and interests, but they enable kids to vote for their favorite book without having read all the titles in a category. “

The 2021 Kids’ Book Choice Awards categories are:

Ages 38

  1. Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Book of the Year
  2. Best Picture Book Duo (author/illustrator team)
  3. Favorite Series (early reader)
  4. Best Picture Book Page (spread of a book)
  5. Favorite Character

Ages 812

  1. 3rd to 4th Grade Book of the Year
  2. 5th to 6th Grade Book of the Year
  3. Best Book of Facts
  4. Favorite Author
  5. Best Graphic Novel

Ages 1218

  1. Teen Book of the Year
  2. Best Cover
  3. Favorite True Story
  4. Best Book Creator Digital Presence
  5. Best Fantasy World Building

To help showcase these efforts and boost the awards’ visual appeal, the program sports a brand-new logo designed by New York-based marketing firm SJI Associates. This logo will appear on all promotional materials, e-mails, and the website.

Casting Ballots

In the first round of voting, kids are invited to choose their top five favorites from a preselected list of nominees, submitted by publishers. The top nominees will then move on to become finalists, who will be announced in early September. Later that month, online voting will begin and run through Fall Children’s Book Week (November 8–14).

The Kids’ Book Choice Awards will be promoted via Every Child a Reader/the CBC’s websites, social media (#KidsBookChoiceAwards) and newsletters, as well as through such partnerships as First Book, National PTA, and the Girl Scouts of the USA. Publishers will also be able to share this information via their own distribution channels.

“These awards are all about giving young people agency and choice when it comes to the books they love,” Birkhead said. “The fun new categories allow these awards to be just as much about the discoverability of new titles as they are about kids shouting out their favorites.”