The Bologna Children's Book Fair announced the winners of its 10th annual BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year. The prizes cover six regions around the world and are sponsored by the fair, as well as the AIE – Associazione Italiana Editori, and the International Publishers Association.

The winners are as follows:

Africa: New Africa Books (South Africa) publishes books in the South African languages that focus on the cultural development of young readers.

Asia: Samir Éditeur (Lebanon) was founded in 1947 in Beirut. The publisher specializes in textbooks that promote cultural openness, as well as books for children and teens ages two to 15.

Europe: Liels un mazs (Latvia), established in 2004, was recognized for its high-quality texts and modern illustrations and innovative design and printing methods.

North America: Monsieur Ed (Canada) is an independent publisher of fiction, particularly fantasy, and nonfiction and graphic novels.

Central and South America: El Naranjo (Mexico) was founded in 1994 and began publishing books for young readers in 2003. Its titles emphasize a “playful approach.”

Oceania: Beatnik Publishing (New Zealand), founded 15 years ago, works closely with authors, poets, artists, and local businesses on books that are known for their design.