Students interested in exploring in-depth science topics will soon have a new set of resources. The Rosen Publishing Group and Scientific American magazine have joined forces to create a new publishing brand: Scientific American Educational Publishing. This imprint will launch with 16 titles in the fall, followed by 18 additional titles in spring 2023. In addition, the Rosen Publishing Group has begun selling an assortment of previously published Scientific American ebooks thorough its distribution channels.

The first two series under the imprint, available this August, will target different age demographics. Bring Science Home will feature eight books focusing on core STEM concepts, such as food physics, design and engineering, and math, designed for upper elementary school students. Scientific American Explores Big Ideas will encompass eight titles on contemporary science that promote critical thinking and analytical skills for high school students. Among these titles are How COVID-19 Changed the World, The Science of Sports, Understanding Violence, and Smartphone Generation: The Effects of Smartphones on Teens.

Scientific American’s legacy of conveying complex information in relevant and timely ways while incorporating many voices and opinions aligns with Rosen’s mission to create books that inform, provoke, and inspire,” Ken Katula, CEO of the Rosen Publishing Group, said in a statement. “Quality, compelling STEM content enriches students’ abilities to identify and embrace a love of science. We are especially pleased to not only offer print and ebooks, but to also incorporate Scientific American’s extensive content into Rosen’s existing databases.”

Diane McGarvey, associate v-p of business development at Scientific American, said, “For over 175 years, Scientific American has been devoted to publishing enlightening, awe-inspiring coverage of the most pressing issues of our time. We are excited to partner with the Rosen Publishing Group so that we can foster the next generation to be scientifically curious and informed.”