The winners of this year’s BolognaRagazzi Awards (BRAW), presented by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, have been announced. The primary awards are offered in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, comics, Opera Prima—which is for first-time authors—and New Horizons, which honors innovation. Each year the BRAW has a special category, which this year is photography.

A total of 2349 titles were submitted by 644 publishers from 59 countries and regions around the world. The winners will be showcased at the special exhibition at the fair called the BRAW Amazing Bookshelf. In addition, 100 additional picture books chosen from the finalists will be included.

Winner, Fiction

Title: Todo lo que pasó antes de que llegaras (Everything That Happened Before You Arrived)
Text and illustrations by: Yael Frankel
Publisher: Limonero, 2022
Country: Argentina

Special Mentions, Fiction

Title: 噔噔噔 (Thump! Thump! Thump!)
Text by: Yu Yi
Illustrations by: Wang Zumin
Publisher: 21st Century Publishing Group, 2021
Country: China

Title: Spinne spielt Klavier (Spider Plays Piano)
Text and illustrations by: Benjamin Gottwald
Publisher: Carlsen Verlag GmbH, 2022
Country: Germany

Title: 이사가 (Moving Away)
Text and illustrations by: Ji Yeon Lee
Publisher: NCSOFT Corporation, 2022
Country: South Korea

Winner, Nonfiction

Title: Art of Protest
Text by: De Nichols
Illustrations by: Diana Dagadita, Saddo, Olivia Twist, Molly Mendoza, Diego Becas
Publisher: Big Picture Press (Bonnier Books UK), 2021
Country: United Kingdom

Special Mentions, Nonfiction

Title: Woven of the World
Text by: Katey Howes
Illustrations by: Dinara Mirtalipova
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2022
Country: USA

Title: Ogledalo bez mana (The Flawless Mirror)
Text and illustrations by: Agata Lučić
Publisher: Mala zvona d.o.o., 2022
Country: Croatia

Winner, Opera Prima

Title: Mariedl. Une histoire gigantesque (Mariedl. A Gigantic Story)
Text and illustrations by: Laura Simonati
Publisher: Versant Sud, 2022
Country: Belgium

Special Mentions, Opera Prima

Title: The Blue: Bench
Text and illustrations by: mia
Publisher: Studio Woom, 2022
Country: South Korea

Winner, Comics, Early Reader

Title: Whose Sock?
Text and illustrations by: Sun Jun
Publisher: Hsin Yi Publications, 2020
Country: China

Special Mentions, Comics, Early Reader

Title: Après les vagues (After the Waves)
Text and illustrations by: Sandrine Kao
Publisher: Grasset Jeunesse, 2022
Country: France

Title: O primeiro dia (The First Day)
Text and illustrations by: Henrique Coser Moreira
Publisher: Planeta Tangerina, 2022
Country: Portugal

Winner, Comics, Middle Grade

Title: Un matin (One Morning)
Text by: Jérôme Dubois
Illustrations by: Laurie Agusti
Publisher: La Partie, 2022
Country: France

Special Mentions, Comics, Middle Grade

Title: 그림자 극장 (The Shadow Theater)
Text and illustrations by: Kyu-Ah Kim
Publisher: Bear Books Inc., 2022
Country: South Korea

Title: House of Dracula
Text by: 5unday
Illustrations by: Heedae Yun
Publisher: Dogbooks, 2022
Country: South Korea

Title: Le monde des animaux perdus (The World of the Lost Animals)
Text and illustrations by: Noémie Weber
Publisher: Gallimard Jeunesse, 2022
Country: France

Winner, Comics, Young Adult

Title: さかな作品集 プラネタリウム・ゴースト・トラベル
(Planetarium Ghost Travel The Art of Sakatsuki Sakana)
Text and illustrations by: Sakana Sakatsuki
Publisher: PIE International Inc., 2021
Country: Japan

Special Mentions, Comics, Young Adult

Title: Aujourd'hui (Today)
Text and illustrations by: Loïc Froissart
Publisher: L'Articho, 2021
Country: France

Title: Avant l'oubli
Text and illustrations by: Lisa Blumen
Publisher: L'employé du moi, 2021
Country: Belgium

Title: Night Night
Text and illustrations by: Chivas Leung
Publisher: Studio MARY, 2022
Country: Hong Kong, China

Winner, Photography

Title: Seen and Unseen
Text by: Elizabeth Partridge
Images by: Lauren Tamaki
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2022
Country: USA

Special Mentions, Photography

Title: Qui veut jouer avec moi? (Who Wants to Play with Me?)
Text and images by: Claire Dé
Publisher: Éditions des Grandes Personnes, 2022
Country: France

Title: Cache-cache cauchemars
Text and images by: Jean Lecointre
Publisher: Éditions Thierry Magnier, 2018
Country: France

Title: O adeus do marujo (The Sailor's Goodbye)
Text and images by: Flávia Bomfim
Publisher: Pallas Editora, 2022
Country: Brazil

Winner, New Horizons

Title: El bolso (The Purse)
Text by: María José Ferrada
Illustrations by: Ana Palmero Cáceres
Publisher: Alboroto Ediciones, 2021
Country: Mexico