During recent visits to the Beijing and Moscow Book Fairs I found myself in extended conversations about the exciting new opportunity that our PubMatch effort represents for the global exchange of rights. Last week, PW Daily reported the important new partnership with Reed Expo's London Book Fair and BookExpo America, but don't confuse that news with an Anglo effort only.

In China, PubMatch launched a simplified Chinese portal, working with Naoko Lee of Lee's Agency Taiwan. She's been a guiding force in helping us to develop tools that serve agents. Our potential partners in both Russia and China join the list of global targets we expect to finalize in and around Frankfurt with more announcements to come. All PW subscribers are entitled to a free three-month trial on PubMatch (the beta period is ending) by just activating their account.

Conversation with my fair companions and international counterparts often veered to "what's new at PW?" So much has happened for our subscribers that it is hard to cover in a single missive. A paywall went up on May 23, and yet our traffic is up 62% from last year—575,000 visits from just over 400,000 uniques with 1.2 million page views per month. There are many new editorial features that are attracting traffic: ListenUp! the audio blog by Adam Boretz; greatly expanded religious coverage by Lynn Garrett and Marcia Nelson; the PWxyz blog that Gabe Habash has made a fun read is now joined by Peter Brantley, who will blog about the serious new challenges facing libraries. Peter also joins Nancy Pearl on a new "libraries" page on our site, curated by library vet Andrew Albanese. Job Zone is also a prolific traffic source.

Subscribers just need to activate their account and password to have full and unfettered access to all Web site features. Just go to www.publishers-weekly.com/subscriptioninfo for links to the digital edition and to pick up your iPad, iPhone, or Android app. In the app, every ISBN, URL, and e-mail are automatically linked. You can set the location where your links are directed or choose from one of the prefilled options.

You'll notice a couple of new logos on PW's Table of Contents this week, indicators of initiatives that aren't new, but that haven't been promoted. The first is a QR code that facilitates easy access to the mobile version of the PW site (publishersweekly.com/mobile). It works for both subscribers and guest readers.

The new section and each of our subscription newsletters, including next week's launch of "Tip Sheet," edited by Parul Sehgal, are provided free to all. Paid content includes the reviews database, the archive, the extended bestsellers as well as most features and columns. The latter are released to the general public after three weeks.

The second logo, from the Better Paper Project, is an indication of our selection of papers produced with stewardship in planned forestry projects. Our paper is recycled from 100% postconsumer waste. So, please enjoy reading PW however it suits you—on the Web, on your PC, MAC, or e-reader (PW is available on Kobo, Nook, Kindle, and Sony) with your app (iPad family and Android), via mobile, or curled up with the print.