Everyone's buying Capital in the 21st Century, but are they reading it? Or is it the latest hit aspirational read -- a book frequently bought if rarely read, often due to its sheer difficulty. There's a rich tradition of aspirational books, from Ulysses to Infinite Jest to Nightwood, and Capital has all the makings to be this year's model: it's a giant, dense book of economic thought, research and philosophy that's been translated from the French and has been hailed as something of a work of genius from the left and denounced as a shoddy, Marxist love note on the right. But will anyone other than critics get all the way through it?

That's what we want to know this week: what books have you bought with the best intention to read through to the end, but never actually managed to finish? Let us know the books (and what's stopped you) in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming article on publishersweekly.com.