Not long ago, we started quietly publishing new reviews every day on PW's website. As nothing's gone wrong in that time, we figure now is as good a time as any to announce this major change in how we publish book reviews.

So, here goes: every weekday, we'll publish a new batch of reviews on, and reviews for adult titles going forward will be a digital-first proposition, so you'll see them first on the website, and they'll be included in a later issue of PW in print. (Children’s and YA reviews will continue on the existing weekly print production cycle.)

This is an overdue development, and we're happy to be rolling it out now. It means reviews will be available at least two weeks earlier than they were previously.

Subscribers can see each day's new reviews at We've also added finer grained review subcategories on the website, so you can now peruse, for instance, only thriller reviews rather than all of fiction. If you want to look at recent cookbook reviews, you can check out the lifestyle section rather than all of our nonfiction reviews. Poetry has its own section, now, too, as does romance, sci-fi, and inspirational fiction.

We're also now running reviews of religion nonfiction titles in each print issue of PW, up from twice a month. Other occasional sections will continue on their existing schedule (lifestyle reviews in the first and third issue of the month; inspirational fiction in the second and fourth; and poetry in the third).

This is just one of a number of changes we're planning for 2019. You've already seen the redesigned PW Daily, and I hope you've signed up for The Fanatic, our new pop culture newsletter helmed by the estimable Calvin Reid. All of which is to say, change is afoot here at PW. Stay tuned.