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  • Check It Out with Nancy Pearl: The Future of Libraries

    Q: Recently, here in New York, there has been a great deal of public outcry over plans to redo the New York Public Library’s Main Library. As technology changes the world we live in, it certainly seems like we’re seeing the “future of libraries” debate actively play out in discussions about redesigning library space.

  • Check it Out with Nancy Pearl: Books on Education

    In this month’s column, Nancy weighs in on the Common Core

  • Check It Out with Nancy Pearl: Awards Season and Carnegie Longlist

    And the winner is? With the 2nd Annual ALA Carnegie Awards coming up, Nancy is deep in “book award” mode

  • Check it Out with Nancy Pearl: Books on the Balkans

    Q: While many of us were busy preparing to travel to Seattle for ALA Midwinter, I see by your tweets and Facebook posts recently that you’ve been in Bosnia meeting librarians, teachers, and students. Can you tell us more about what you did there?

  • Check it Out with Nancy Pearl: Guidelines for Book Groups

    A reader’s letter sparks a discussion about good books for book groups.

  • Check It Out with Nancy Pearl: ALA Midwinter and Favorite Northwest Books

    The theme of our Midwinter coverage is “Resolutions,” as we get ready to say good-bye to 2012 and embark on a new year.

  • Check It Out with Nancy Pearl: Ideas for Library Catalogues

    What would your dream catalogue look like? And following up on PW’s Best Books of 2012, Nancy offers her list of favorites

  • Check It Out With Nancy Pearl: Lawrence, KS

    How librarians in Kansas are helping their patrons find that next great book.

  • Check It Out with Nancy Pearl: Libraries and Self-Published Books

    Q: From a University of Washington I-School colleague of Nancy’s comes this great topic for discussion: how libraries collect self-published materials. One of the students in that colleague’s class asked: “How do public library selectors who rely primarily on vendor lists and professional pre-publication book reviews find out about the growing number of self-published materials? Is it possible to give the same credence to a book whose content, ideas, or writing style may not have been reviewed except by the author and has not been through the editing and publishing process?”

  • Check It Out With Nancy Pearl: Space Out On This!

    Q: Sadly, there are only a few weeks left in the summer, but they can be good weeks—lots of vacation and beach time to come. So, on the subject of the seasons, a few questions for you. Do you find seasonal marketing works for books—do people read more during winter, for example, or read certain types of “beach read” books in the summer? Can you recommend any strategies for seasonal marketing? And, before summer is out, do you have any recommendations for vacation reading?

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