This week in children's apps features Beauty and the Beast as an interactive 3D pop-up book. Also this week is Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection, bringing eight of the author's stories together.

Title: Beauty and the Beast

Publisher: StoryToys Entertainment

Release date: April 24, 2013

Price: $4.99

Background: The creators of the Grimm series take on the tale of Belle, who must leave behind her father and sisters and live with the Beast in his enchanted castle.

Features: Eight different interactive 3D scenes, ping-pong mini game.

Title: Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection

Publisher: Oceanhouse Media

Release date: April 10, 2013

Price: $7.99

Background: Contains eight stories including The Big Bang, Gertrude McFuzz, I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today!, King Looie Katz, The Glunk that got Thunk, Too Many Daves, The Zax, What Was I Scared Of

Features: Professional narration, background audio and enlarged artwork, three modes of play.