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Chasing a Legend: Kavanagh Legends, Book 4

The Village of Round and Square Houses

What to Do About the Solomons

The Last Great Walk: The True story of A 1909 Walk from New York to San Francisco and Why It Matters Today


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Tip Sheet

The big debut fiction of the fall.

Children’s Bookshelf

PW’s exclusive announcement that HarperCollins’s Michael di Capua Books will publish a newly discovered picture book from Maurice Sendak and his collaborator Arthur Yorinks, titled Presto and Zesto in Limboland, in fall 2018.

BookLife Report

Joel Friedlander explains what authors need to do to boost their online readerships.

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More to Come

Calvin Reid, Heidi MacDonald, and Kate Fitzsimons discuss fall graphic novels, the half-hearted promotion of the forthcoming Marvel Legacy line, Howard Chaykin’s controversial Divided States of Hysteria, and Netflix’s whitewashed Death Note adaptation.

PW Radio

Music historian Elaine Hayes discusses her new book, Queen of Bebop: The Musical Lives of Sarah Vaughan. And PW editorial director Jim Milliot looks back at the first half of 2017 in publishing.



Hosting birthday parties can net a big return for children’s bookstores.