Last Week’s Top Reviews

Last week, the most-read reviews on were...

#1 At Ease: Navy Men of World War II

#2 Before We Were Yours

#3 The Immortalists

#4 Fever 1793

#5 Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old

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Tip Sheet

The most anticipated books of spring.

Children’s Bookshelf

Julius Lester, known for his books focused on African-American culture, and for his fierce advocacy for books for black children by black authors, died on January 18 at 78.

Religion BookLine

In a moribund market, faith-based publishers hunt for new voices and genres.

Global Rights Report

Last week’s hot books included a title about the history of maps and a take on the politics of power from a popular U.K. blogger.

BookLife Report

Ian Andrew, winner of the 2017 BookLife Prize, sets his sights on assisting other independent authors.


Week Ahead

PW senior writer Andrew Albanese discusses how the European publishing market is faring and what lies ahead in 2018.

More to Come

Heidi MacDonald reports on the Angouleme International Comics Festival in the south of France. The MTC crew also looks at comics and graphic novel sales, John Ridley’s social history of DC superheroes, and this year’s selections for the Will Eisner Hall of Fame.


Christopher Paul Curtis discusses his novel The Journey of Little Charlie, his past Buxton novels, and the effect that his Newbery Award and Honors have had on his career.

PW Radio

Jonathan Moore discusses his novel The Night Market. PW senior correspondent Claire Kirch reports from Winter Institute.



Winter Institute discussed from a bookseller’s perspective.