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Adjustment Day

The Beach House

The Female Persuasion

The Perfect Mother

A Simple Favor

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Tip Sheet

Victoria Nelson, editor of Robert Aickman’s story collection Compulsory Games, picks the 10 scariest horror stories.

Children’s Bookshelf

A cover reveal for a posthumously published Maurice Sendak picture book.

BookLife Report

Michelle Argyle at Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of The Equine Legacy by indie author C.S. Purdy.


Week Ahead

After 17 years of litigation, freelance writers were mailed checks last week in a long-running class action over digital rights. PW senior writer Andrew Albanese breaks down the case.

More to Come

The MTC crew discusses Avengers: Infinity War, reacts to the Universal FanCon debacle, celebrates Wicomicon, and covers the Eisner nominations, PW’s middle grade graphic novel feature, and comics academic Hillary Chute’s debut in the New York Times Book Review.



Tapping into underserved markets.

PW Radio

Craig Childs discusses his new book, Atlas of a Lost World: Travels in Ice Age America. And PW senior writer Andrew Albanese explores the recent Authors Guild legal settlement.