Last Week’s Top Reviews

The most-read reviews on last week were...


Crimson Lake

On Reading Well

The Viking Wars: War and Peace in King Alfred’s Britain: 789–955

Something in the Water


Week Ahead

PW senior writer Andrew Albanese looks at how Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, may come down on issues important to the publishing and library communities.

More to Come

The MTC crew responds to the death of Spider-Man cocreator Steve Ditko and then previews San Diego Comic-Con, recaps the recent Anime Expo in Los Angeles, and discusses Robert Kirkman’s new comics series, Die! Die! Die! Plus, Calvin Reid and Meg Lemke share recent starred reviews in a new segment of Star Gazing.

PW Radio

In this show from the archives, Candy Chang talks about her art project and book, Before I Die.

From the Newsletters

Tip Sheet

Carola Lovering, author of Tell Me Lies, discusses how she got inside the mind of her novel’s sociopathic main character.

Children’s Bookshelf

Barnes & Noble has launched Kids’ Book Hangout, a program aimed at giving young readers a space to talk about books.

Global Rights Report

Last week’s hot books included a philosophical title on the feelings of animals and a Spanish historical novel.

Religion BookLine

PW’s fall 2018 religion and spirituality announcements includes many titles from big-name figures that address how spiritual thinking can bridge divides.

BookLife Report

This month’s roundup of the best-reviewed BookLife titles highlights a romance about starting over, a family saga about childhood trauma, and a visual homage to Pride and Prejudice.



The owner of a bookstore in central Maine discusses what’s selling well this summer.