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The most-read reviews on last week were...

The Giver

Where the Crawdads Sing

An Anonymous Girl

Death and Nightingales

The Unquiet Ghost: Russians Remember Stalin

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Tip Sheet

Laura Thompson, author of A Tale of Two Murders: Guilt, Innocence, and the Execution of Edith Thompson, examines Edith Thompson’s beautiful letters to her lover in 1922—and how they contributed to her wrongful execution.

Children’s Bookshelf

The YA novel Five Feet Apart, from first-time author Rachael Lippincott, written with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis and published by Simon & Schuster, became an immediate bestseller and has a film version coming out in March of next year.

Global Rights Report

Terry Karten struck a deal with U.K. publisher Faber & Faber for Harper Perennial to release a newly discovered Sylvia Plath short story, “Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom,” in North America. According to Karten, the story “vividly portrays” Plath’s “rebellion against convention and her struggle to forcefully seize control of her own fate.”

BookLife Report

A round-up highlights last month’s best-reviewed BookLife titles. These include a pair of historical romances, a work of urban fantasy, a mystery about abducted animals, and a novel set in a world still plagued by the Wars of the Roses.

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Week Ahead

PW senior writer Andrew Albanese breaks down the news that Ingram may have made a move to buy Baker & Taylor’s retail operation.



A terrible day at the bookstore is unexpectedly turned around by a customer.

PW Insider

We check in on the books, from Becoming to Fantastic Beasts, that booksellers are selling this holiday season.