Publishers Weekly has agreed to become the sole Community Media Partner for Digital Book World, the conference launched by F+W Media in January aimed at bringing the publishing and technology industries together as they navigate publishing’s digital transition. The second Digital Book World is set for January 24-26 in New York and PW will help to develop programming and panels for the 2011 event.

“My belief is that via our collective intelligence, publishers will be better able to not only navigate the digital transition, but master it. Partnering with a reinvigorated Publishers Weekly, one of the best-known brands in our industry, is a natural next step in our mission to expand publishing’s knowledge community, and will enable us to combine resources and connect a broader audience of publishing professionals, booksellers, librarians and authors,” said Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Digital Book World’s director of programming and business development.

“Publishers Weekly is very excited to be working with Guy and his team to draw even more attention to what has quickly become a must-attend conference for the publishing community,” said PW publisher Cevin Bryerman. “This is a transitional time for book publishing and PW is thrilled be a part of a conference that is helping to shape the industry’s future.” “Last year’s event was clearly a huge hit,” said Jim Milliot, co-editorial director of PW, “and with new digital developments occurring on an almost daily basis the need for more industry-wide collaboration and cooperation is apparent.

As part of the deal, until November 1, PW subscribers will receive an exclusive Conference + DBW Membership rate of $995 that includes registration to the three-day conference plus a one-year DBW Membership, which includes a 40% discount on other DBW events and WEBcasts. For more information and to register, click over to this page.