All of our coverage from the Tools of Change 2011 conference.

Tools of Change 2011: At Morning Keynote, Margaret Atwood Reminds Attendees Change Can Be Bad

Over the last five years, Tools of Change Conference keynote talks have become known for their technology cheerleading. But at this year’s event, attendees also got a measured--and entertaining--perspective from award-winning Canadian author and poet Margaret Atwood, who praised the enthusiasm of the conference, but confessed she had a somewhat different perspective on the state of writing and publishing in the digital age.

Tools of Change 2011: Technology Wars Never End

Just a year ago, publishers seemed to have won a critical battle in the “the e-book wars,” noted Copyright Clearance Center’s Skott Klebe, when Amazon was forced to restore the buy buttons on Macmillan titles, after removing them in a skirmish over the agency model.

Tools of Change 2011: Old Pros, New Tools and the Future of Publishing

Still buzzing from author Margaret Atwood’s keynote presentation, O’Reilly’s Tools of Change conference spent the rest of Tuesday doing what it does best: offering up a slate of presentations crowded with knowledgeable professionals.

Tools of Change 2011: Technology and the Future of Storytelling

As attendees were learning the details about Borders's bankruptcy filing, O’Reilly’s Tools of Change conference was winding down three days of programming with a slate of panels that included a look at the rise of Transmedia storytelling and presented a new generation of online literary ventures that offer a glimpse at the future of reading.