The next Webcast in the monthly Digital Book World/Publishers Weekly series is set for June 21 at 1 p.m. EDT. E-book Distribution for Small Publishers will examine how indie presses with limited resources can most effectively take advantage of the explosive growth in e-book sales. Featured panelists are John Oakes, cofounder of the digital-first startup OR Books; industry consultant Tom Woll; and Adam Salomone, associate publisher of The Harvard Common Press, and responsible for the company’s digital strategy. DBW’s Matthew Mullin will moderate.

Topics to be covered include: Digitization: what’s the process for picking an effective partner? What sort of pricing should you look for? What sort of formats do you need back that are essential?

-Distribution: how do you get your books into retail channels? How do you make sure that all the appropriate metadata is included in all of your files? Should you use the same partner as your digitization?

-Reporting: what sort of reporting should you expect? What sort of timeline is considered appropriate? How do you integrate that into your existing reporting?

-Opportunities in Ebook Only, POD, and Going It Alone: what are the opportunities for acquiring e-book only content? If you decide to do digital distribution without a partner, what is the upside?

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