Here's a roundup of all our coverage from the 2012 Digital Book World conference:

New Retail Channels, the Library E-book Wars and Bundling
The last day of Digital Book World wrapped up with a panel looking at efforts to create new retail channels for book content.

Now Is the Best Time to Be An Author
During Digital Book World's panel on self-publishing, Who Dares Win Publshing's Bob Mayer said: "If you have good content, now is the best time to be a writer."

Consumers, Data and Analytics in the Digital Book Era
“Books today are elastic and dynamic,” said Hyperion president Ellen Archer on the CEO panel at Digital Book World. “No more just hardcover and softcover,” she said, “there are new ways to enhance books.”

Wary But Determined, Publishers Are Preparing for the Digital Future
According to Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey, who kicked off this year's Digital Book World conference, a survey conducted by Forrester in collaboration with DBW found that while 82% of publishers were optimistic about digital, the number was down from 89% last year.