Robert Kiyosaki’s experiment to write a personal finance book in one-chapter installments and release them online for free has come to an end—and now it’s time for the hard copy of the book to make its way into readers’ hands the traditional way. Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich, a $12.99 trade paperback, will go on sale September 8 from the Grand Central imprint Business Plus, featuring the material Kiyosaki posted online as well as selected comments from readers.

Kiyosaki began posting chapters at last winter, and the final chapter went up earlier this summer. While Kiyosaki was regularly posting chapters, the site was very popular, drawing 35 million hits from 167 countries and more than 10,000 comments and questions from readers. The content was free, but did require registration; more than 90,000 people registered. A few chapters are still available online.

Rick Wolff, v-p, executive editor at Grand Central, said the first printing will be 150,000 copies. The finished book is 272 pages. “This was a terrific, creative, unusual idea,” said Wolff. “Kiyosaki’s track record is pretty substantial. He feels proud of this effort.”