Recognizing the importance and growth potential of digital offerings, PoliPoint Press has announced the launch of its audiobook line with two popular titles, Plunder and Blunder: The Rise and Fall of the Bubble Economy by Dean Baker and The Next Progressive Era: A Blueprint for Broad Prosperity by Phillip Longman and Ray Boshara. Both books were published earlier this year.

PoliPoint’s marketing and publicity director Darcy Cohan said the changing lifestyles of consumers was the primary reason for the new downloadable line. “Consumers like to access content in many different ways now, and more formats only sweeten the pot. The web is the perfect place to offer our audiobooks,” she says. Should the initial titles perform successfully, PoliPoint will make several more available as audiobooks.

To promote the new audio format, the press is offering a free download of The Next Progressive Era on their Web site through June 7. After that it will be available for sale at $17.99, while the audio version of Dean Baker’s book retails now for $12.99. Both titles will be sold through Audible beginning June 15.

Publisher Scott Jordan remarked, “We are excited to extend our reach with audio content as a way of appealing to consumers looking for fast, affordable and easy-to-access information.” Jordan, whose background in advertising includes a position at McCann-Erickson, founded PoliPoint in 2004. Its focus is on politics, current affairs and sustainability by authors that contribute fresh perspectives to the national political dialogue. The press is distributed by Ingram Publisher Services and releases 10 to 12 titles a year. Their lead titles for the fall include 50 Ways You Can Help Obama Remake America, by Michael Huttner and Jason Salzman and They Said What? Astonishing Quotes on American Democracy, Power, and Dissent by Jim Hunt.