Vook, the multimedia company that creates e-books which meld print and video, has unveiled a new platform that will allow publishers to independently create their own multimedia versions of their books. Through a new service called MotherVook publishers can upload content independently to a software platform to make media-enhanced digital editions of their titles. When asked how publishers would pay to use the software--whether there would be a one-time purchase fee or houses would pay per book--a rep at Vook said the company is "currently formalizing the licensing agreements."

Vook is also touting its partnership with founder Brad Inman's previous company, book video creator TurnHere. Through that partnership, publishers can have, according to Vook, easy access to directors and crews for the creation of video content for their enhanced titles.

According to Vook, the new platform--essentially a desktop publishings model--offers a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create enhanced e-books. Using the platform, publishers will be able to manage their titles through a central database and control everything from a title's jacket to its list price. The software also allows publishers to create a single XML file that can then be sold across platforms and on multiple devices. Vook can also handle the distribution of the files, once a title is complete.