The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association is partnering with NetGalley to provide digital galleys and press kits for ECPA's members to the media. NetGalley also offers ECPA members a growing network of professional readers and reviewers at libraries, bookstores and book blogs.

NetGalley director of marketing Susan Ruszala said the web-based digital galley provider has over 4,000 professional readers registered at the NetGalley site, a growth of more than 35% over the last two months. Although the price of NetGalley is determined by the number of the publishers' galley-titles hosted by the site, ECPA members are being given a 10% discount off of the regular NetGalley rate.

Michael Covington, ECPA information & education director, said NetGalley services "will have a direct bottom-line benefit," and will cut the costs of mailing hard copy galleys. "This service can dramatically streamlinie the way publishers work with their review communities. The days of printing and shipping galley copies to reviewers and then playing the waiting game can truly be over."

NetGalley offers secure digital galleys downloadable to personal computers and to e-readers like the Kindle and the Nook. It's free for reviewers to register at the site and publishers control who is approved to download the galleys. NetGalley also offers a press and marketing tools that allow publishers to promote titles to the NetGalley online reviewer community.