Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation are kicking off a digital initiative called We Give Books, a free Web site for parents, caregivers, and educators to immediately access a growing digital collection of Penguin Group's classic children's literature. For every book read online, Pearson will donate a book to a child in partnership with one of the literacy organizations presented at, which include United Through Reading, Haiti Learning Spaces, and many others.

We Give Books aims to donate more than one million books in its first year. Visitors to the site can choose how many books will be shared with each organization (each time visitors read a new book, they can select the organization on whose behalf they wish to support).

Penguin Group chairman and chief executive John Makinson said, "We Give Books is a very simple concept that encourages people to enjoy some of our best-loved books and, at the same time, to share books with others and help to tackle illiteracy, one of the biggest challenges we face around the world today."