Chronicle Books has teamed with mobile publishing vendor Mobifusion to convert and deliver a series of Chronicle Book’s specialty card decks to a wide variety of smart phone platforms. The deal will initially convert seven titles on health and sexuality—originally published in print as decks of 50 “playing cards” each with informational or entertainment content—into digital format readable on mobile phones.

Titles include Yoga Deck, Pilates Deck, Kama Sutra Deck and Fantasy Sex Deck among others. Mobibusion will deliver the digital titles to iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, iDEN, Palm and other platforms. The titles will be available internationally through carriers in the U.K., Australia, India, Asia, Canada and other regions.

Pavan Mandhani, President and CEO of Mobifusion said that the Chronicle titles were “perfectly suited for mobile apps,” and that Mobifusion technology, “allows us to quickly transform the written content into an easy-to-read and accessible mobile version allowing users to explore multiple cards in a simple way.