Asked to describe the terms of their new agreement with Apple, executives at John Wiley danced around the question Thursday afternoon in a conference call with analysts. Before handing the answer over to executive v-p and chief operating officer Steve Smith, Wiley CEO Will Pesce said the agreement with Apple to make titles available for the iPad and iBookstore is part of the company’s strategy to make its content available through various devices under reasonable business terms. Smith noted that Wiley has agreements with multiple channels of distribution for its e-books including the Kindle and Nook and said one goal was to ensure that whatever deal it reached with Apple would not come in conflict with the other channels. He said after a month or so of talks with Apple and other partners, Wiley “happily” came to a point “where there was no conflict there.” Asked after the meeting if that meant Wiley adopted the agency model, a spokesperson said terms of the agreement are confidential. Wiley’s e-books are expected to be available through the iBookstore “very soon,” the spokesperson added.