Amazon has made good on its long-ago promise to bring games to the Kindle. This week, the company released two free games—called Every Word and Shuffle Row, both of them word scramble games—downloadable for free from the Kindle Store. They both only work on Kindle devices, not the Kindle apps. Both games were released August 2, though Amazon, which seems to have developed them in-house, and did not send out a press release announcing the games.

Every Word is similar to games like Boggle--players are given six or seven scrambled letters and must make as many words out of them as possible before a timer runs out.

Shuffle Row is a one-player version of Scrabble. Players see a row of letter tiles at the top of the screen and must make words from them. As letters are used, they disappear and new ones are added. Players earn more points for using more obscure letters.

While neither of these games offer the rich playing experience available on iPad games, they do represent a step toward more functionality for the Kindle, something many in the book and tech industries have been speculating about.

Check back at the PWxyz blog, where we’ll take both games for a spin and offer our impressions.