Hay House, one of the leading publishers of self-help books, has contracted with digital publisher Vook to produce hundreds of enhanced e-books across multiple platforms, the first of which will be available this May.

Hay House is the first publisher to utilize Vook’s MotherVook technology engine, through which Vook has already created 150 of its own titles and which is now being extended to other publishers. MotherVook converts varied file formats and combines text, video, and images, and also has the ability to manage content and distribute it to multiple platforms. These include the iPhone, iPad, iBookstore, Kindle, and Android.

“Vook is very excited that Hay House is tapping our technology platform, as this innovative publisher has so many prominent titles suited for the mixed-media experience,” said Vook founder and CEO Bradley Inman. Hay House has an extensive archive of titles with images, video, and text, well suited for the new platforms that MotherVook provides access to. The e-books will likely be priced at $9.95, and initial titles will feature the publisher’s bestselling authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and Doreen Virtue.

“Hay House is excited to bring to market so many of its titles in an enhanced e-book format that will resonate with new audiences,” Hay House CEO Reid Tracy said. “Our readers will be inspired not just by our authors’ compelling stories, but also by the engaging videos we can feature.” The Carlsbad, California-based publisher has sold more than 40 million books worldwide since its founding by Louise Hay in 1987.