In New Orleans for the annual American Library Association Conference, Baker and Taylor announced plans to roll out its Axis 360 digital media circulation and management platform, a new procurement system that allows librarian to order both physical and digital content—including Blio, Ray Kurzweil’s multimedia e-reading software—from a single source. B&T is also teaming with Barnes & Noble to promote the use of Nook e-reading devices for library-loaned e-books.

B&T’s Axis 360 provides librarians with a collection development channel that bundles digital and physical content. Librarians can order content in one electronic shopping cart through B&T’s Title Source 3 Site, while patrons will have access to a broad array of content. According to B&T, digital content ordered through Axis 360 is activated in the library’s collection immediately after the order is placed. Beginning in the fall, libraries using Axis 360 will have access to both ePub and spoken word audio titles, in addition to patron reviews and star ratings.

George Coe, president of library & education at Baker & Taylor, called Axis 360, a “comprehensive, easy to use digital media circulation platform,” and said, “combined with physical delivery and collection development services, Axis 360 truly completes our turnkey service solution for libraries.”

The Axis 360 collection is also featuring Blio, the multimedia e-reading software developed by Ray Kurzweil’s KNFB Reading in collaboration with B&T, in addition to promoting the use of B&N’s Nook, NookColor and Nook Simple Touch e-readers for library e-book loans. Blio specializes in offering e-books enhanced by color, animation, video and audio content and web access as well as offering digital versions of print titles in their original print layout and design.

Theresa Horner, v-p digital products at Barnes & Noble, said that B&T, is “the perfect partner in promoting Nook devices for e-book circulation,” in libraries. “We believe Nook and Nook Color customers will be elated to expand their virtual bookshelves with materials borrowed from their local library powered by Axis 360.”