Reading group members nationwide are increasingly choosing e-books and e-readers over traditional print books, according to a survey by Reading Group Choices (RGC). The survey shows that 25% of reading group members are using e-books, up 10 percentage points from 2009.

Among reading group members using e-books, most e-books were read on the Amazon Kindle (59%), with the Barnes & Noble Nook now in second place at 26%. The Nook is rapidly catching up, however---up from just 7% in 2009. Usage of tablet computers as e-readers is also on the rise with the surveying showing almost 20% of reading group members who read e-books used a tablet.

Despite the growing popularity of e-books and e-readers, the vast majority of reading groups still prefer printed books. Only 21% of those surveyed by RGC reported reading all, or even most, of their books on e-readers. Currently, romance fiction is the genre most frequently read in e-book format (60% of all titles purchased in e-book format.)