Simon & Schuster is publishing Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 in e-book for the first time. The book was first published by S&S, in hardcover, in 1953, and the digital edition, which is now available, is coming out as part of an agreement the house struck to re-release a number of Bradbury's works. Through the deal, which S&S publisher Jonathan Karp negotiated with Michael Congdon at Don Congdon Associates, S&S took English language rights and digital format rights to Fahrenheit 451 in North America, as well as English language and mass makret rights (also in North America) to The Martian Chronicles and The Illsutrated Man.

Fahrenheit 451, according to S&S, has sold over 10 million copies since its initial release in the 1950s and, on January 10, the publisher will also release a new trade paperback edition of the title. Mass market editions of The Martian Chronicles and The Illsutrated Man are scheduled for March 2012.