Graphicly, a digital comics vendor and marketplace, is launching an automated digital distribution platform for publishers and self-publishers that will allow them to upload, convert and distribute their works across a wide range of the most popular consumer mobile and e-book marketplaces. The Graphicly Distribution Platform is optimized for image-based content but can be used for any kind of digital content and offers ease of use and detailed real-time analytical data.

In a phone interview, Graphicly CEO Micah Baldwin told PW the new platform will allow publishers of all kinds to upload their content and have it distributed to such e-book retailers as B&N/Nook, Amazon Kindle, Apple Newstand and Android Marketplace. Graphicly also offers distribution through Facebook, with an app that allows publishers to post their content on Facebook for sampling and purchase. Baldwin said the platform was developed out of digital tools originally created for Graphicly’s internal use.

“We needed to be able to convert content for use across different platforms, so we built these tools for ourselves and realized that others wanted it,” Baldwin said. “So why not make them available for magazines, art books and kids books.” The tools make it easier to sell across different platforms as well as automating the different revenue splits required.

Baldwin said its new automated digital distribution platform is available for a one-time upfront fee for small publishers and offers a volume discount for larger publishers. There is a flat-rate fee for conversion. Posting on the web or via Facebook is free. The service is being rolled out first to Graphicly’s current 400 publishing/self-publishing clients. New publishers can sign up at this location to be included in the program.

The services also offers detailed analytics to users, “We track everything and have integrated deep analytics. We know what happens when readers share,” Baldwin said. “Publsihers will know just how people are engaging with their books,” he said. The service also offers a Graphicly widget that can be embedded online and allows publishers to share content from their websites. So far beyond the 400 publishers/clients it already had, Graphicly has received about 1000 requests to sign up for the service

In a release announcing the program, Baldwin said, “the team at Graphicly identified an unmet need in the digital publishing industry for automated tools to convert, distribute and promote image-based content. We now provide these services, while giving authors and publishers full control of their content and revenue streams and a deep understanding of how readers are engaging with their content. We believe our customer’s books should be available in every marketplace imaginable, with the knowledge and support to properly market and promote them.”