Ulysses Seen is the comics adaptation of James Joyce’s novel Ulysses, a masterwork of 20th Century literature, created by Rob Berry and Throwaway Horse, a venture Berry cofounded to use comics to introduce readers to "difficult' literary masterpieces. The excerpt seen here offers the newest completed pages of Ulysses Seen, an app, online comics adaptation and work in progress that Berry has estimated will take about a decade to complete. These pages were debuted on the website and Flickr stream of the National Library of Ireland in celebration of this year’s June 16 Bloomsday event and Berry and Throwaway Horse have allowed PW to also display them.

The first nine pages presented here are from Ulysses Seen Book Two and are taken from the “Nestor” chapter of Joyce’s novel. However, Berry’s recreation of Joyce’s novel takes some sections out of sequence in order to ensure readers can easily follow the comic as each section is completed. Ulysses Seen Book Two will feature both the “Nestor” and the “Lotus Eaters” chapters from Ulysses spliced together to present the events of the book chronologically and draw connections between the two main characters.