For its forthcoming book about the presidential election (and the data that documents voter behavior during it), Princeton University Press is offering a free sample of John Side and Lynn Vavreck's book, The Gamble. The authors are currently writing the book, which will be on sale in September 2013, but are offering some of their information in order to entice readers early.

"The Hand You're Dealt" and "Random, or Romney?" are both available on PUP's Web site, for free, as well as on the authors' Web site, and via Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble. Both samples are just over 50 pages and will, PUP said, allow the authors to "inject a dose of reality into a discourse too often dominated by folklore."

The data the authors analyze shows how, among other things, media coverage and campaign ads affect voter behavior. In releasing the chapters now, PUP added, it will give readers the opportunity to access this assessment as the election is happening, instead of once it's over, which is the norm with this kind of work from political scientists.

In total, four chapters from The Gamble will be released prior to the publication of the physical book in September 2013, and Sides and Vavreck hope that this early material starts a dialogue with readers. “We hope that the finished book will benefit from the comments of our readers, taking advantage of ‘the cloud’ to improve the analysis and the presentation of the story of the 2012 presidential election,” said Chuck Myers, executive editor and group publisher of the social sciences at PUP.