For those in publishing who have followed the DoJ price-fixing case, it has from the start seemed at times like a cartoonish affair. Now, thanks to former music executive and RoyaltyShare founder Bob Kohn, it is a cartoon. Handcuffed by the court’s decision to re-file his argument against the DoJ’s settlement with three publishers in just five pages, Kohn filed the brief in the form of a comic strip.

Kohn’s argument remains largely the same as the argument presented in his rejected 25-page brief: that the settlement before the court harms the public, and that Amazon’s below marginal-cost pricing of e-books is in fact presumed illegal. But his rendering is brilliant—not only is it a not so subtle jab at the court for limiting such a complicated case to five page briefs, as a comic strip, the brief will be widely digestible for the general public who may not have the gumption to plow through a typical legal brief.

See for yourself: Click here to read the entire comic.