If you thought the DoJ settlement process was contentious, the litigation now heating up in the class action lawsuit will likely take things to a new level. Among this week’s filings in the ongoing saga over e-book price-fixing, comes word that Amazon recently filed a motion in a Washington State federal court seeking to quash a non-party subpoena” served on it by Apple and/or the publisher defendants in the consolidated consumer class action case now pending in New York before Judge Denise Cote. In the filings, the defendants ask the Washington court to transfer the motion to Cote so she can rule on the “discovery dispute” within the context of the class action case, and in a handwritten note, Cote agreed to consider the Amazon bid to quash the subpoena, pending a transfer. So what does it all mean? While we don’t know what was in the confidential filings, or the subject of the subpoena, the filing once again shows that a central tenet of the publishers defense will be to put Amazon’s practices on trial. And, that Amazon plans to resist.