Publishers Weekly has relaunched its Web site,, using state-of-the-art technology, a more accessible design and easier access to related content throughout the site. The new has been built using "responsive design," meaning the site senses the screen-size and device on which it's being viewed and presents an optimized version of the site for full-size PC screens, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, offering readers an ideal experience on whatever screen they're viewing.

The new site also features more links to relevant related content: readers who come to PW to read a book review will find links to related author interviews, other book reviews, and data. Related content is placed consistently and neatly across the site so readers will always know how to find what they're looking for. A "Quicklinks" bar at the top right of every page grants access to popular features, such as PW's announcements listings, on-sale calendar, book fair Show Dailies, and PW Select.

“PW’s goal in the redesign is to continue to serve our audience of publishing professionals, agents, librarians and booksellers, and also to make the site more of a destination for book lovers,” says Jonathan Segura, senior editor, digital media. “The site now offers a seamless experience in browsing different areas of the site, be it reviews, features, PW’s bestseller lists or news coverage.” According to Craig Teicher, director of digital operations, “The new design puts PW on the cutting edge of Web design, making the experience easy and intuitive for all users.”

The redesign was managed by Teicher and Segura, while the design itself was created by freelance designer Sonya Blachandani and implemented by the New York-based Web design firm Mediapolis.