The online literary and reviews magazine, The Millions, has published its first e-book. Epic Fail: Bad Art, Viral Fame, and the History of the Worst Thing Ever, a 47-page essay by Mark O'Connell, is currently available for $1.99 at all major e-book retailers.

C. Max Agee, founding editor of The Millions, said the magazine currently has one other e-original in the pipeline, and hopes to develop the program more fully.

O'Connell, who lives in Dublin and teaches at Trinity, is a staff writer at The Millions. The e-original came about, Agee said, after he approached O'Connell and expressed his interest in publishing an e-book.

For Agee, the e-originals offer a way to expand on what The Millions does daily, on the Web. "The Millions has a fairly long history of publishing thoughtful and highly readable, long-form pieces, but there's a limit to what we're able to publish online. We were excited about getting into e-originals because we were looking for an opportunity to publish pieces that were bigger in scope than what we're able to present on the site."