Medallion Media Group and Medallion Press have released MMG Sidekick app, an e-book reading app that will allow consumers to buy and read Medallion Press titles as well as DRM-free titles. The app also comes installed with Medallion Press’s TREEBook technology, reading software designed to enhance the reading experience by supporting time triggers and multiple-plot lines embedded in specially designed Medallion e-books.

The new MMG Sidekick e-book app is available for free in the App store. The app is available now and offers a variety of e-book reading functionality including in-app purchasing of all Medallion titles, DRM-free titles from any publisher, a synch-to-Dropbox function for ePub titles and an interface designed to support the iPad2 and its high-res retina-display screen. The app will offer a regularly selection of free e-books as well as offer access to book reviews from Publishers Weekly and other publications.

Most important, the app will support Medallion Press titles produced with its much anticipated TREEBook technology, a new Medallion-developed format that allows authors or publishers to embed multiple storylines and narrative branches into a books’ narrative that will be triggered by the reader’s behavior or by the passage of time. Medallion plans to release, The Julian Year by Gregory Lamberson, in late 2013, the first of a series of titles that will published in the format that are designed to exploit the story-telling features of the new technology.

Heather Musick, senior v-p of the Medallion Media Group, described the MMG Sidekick app, as “the reader app of the future” and highlighted its capabilities. She said Medallion is starting out “simple, by including the full digital library of Medallion Press titles and the ability to import DRM-free e-books, along with the embedded TREEbook technology.” But the app will also eventually offer access to other kinds of Medallion content. “We also invest in music and film artists, later versions of the app will act as a one-stop shop for books, music, and movies,” Musick said.