Knovel, a web based database and technical service providing information to engineers, has added six new publishers to its content collection in an effort to expand the subject areas it offers.

The new publishing partners are AIHA Publications, the publishing arm of the American Industrial Hygiene Association; Analytics Press, which publishes reports on business analystics; CBS Press, the Copenhagen Business School Press; Cengage Learning, educational software and services; Dover Publications, reprints and public domain content; Maritine and Coastguard Agency, content on maritime issues.

Meagan Cooke, Knovel director of content strategy, said Knovel will be adding even more publishers in 2013. “We’ve added more publishers already than we did last year and there will be more to come,” she said, “it’s part of the increased momentum and investment since we were acquired by Reed Elsevier in January. We’ve expanded [beyond] our 30 subject areas, with more content on energy, occupational health, leadership and more.” Knovel has more than 100 publishing partners.

“Our customers work with us to ensure their engineers have access to the critical data they need to get their jobs done efficiently, and our publishers help us to make that happen,” said Cooke. “We’re pleased to be able to introduce a selection of great new content, which will be available across dozens of subject areas.”