Looking to offer a curated selection of short digital-only content much like Amazon’s Kindle Singles program, Nook Media is launching Nook Snaps, a bimonthly program of commissioned original fiction and narrative nonfiction of at least 5,000 words offered for sale at $1.99 each. Curated by Nook Media editors, Nook Snaps will feature three to five new works by top writers every other month available via the Nook Snaps site at BN.com.

Among the initial releases in the Nook Snaps program are How to be a Playgirl by Jessanne Collins, managing editor of the humor magazine Mental Floss. Nook Snaps is also releasing The Insurrectionist by novelist Michael Dahlie, a short story about an unsuccessful businessman living in London, that “bounces between a comedy of manners and a “disquieting look,” at how even “the most passive person can be pushed to a breaking point.”

Describing the program as editorially driven, high quality short content, Theresa Horner, Nook Media v-p of digital content, said, “We believe our collection of bite-sized Nook Snaps, refreshed bimonthly and offered at a great price, provides a wonderful new way for our readers to connect with some of today’s most compelling voices “Nook Snaps are sure to delight readers with their smart, incisive and provocative points of view told through wonderfully crafted stories.”