In the final moments of Apple’s e-book price-fixing trial, federal Judge Denise Cote uttered the words Apple attorneys have surely longed to hear, saying the issues over the course of the trial “have somewhat shifted.” For Apple attorneys, that observation comes in welcome contrast to Cote’s much-discussed pre-trial “tentative view,” in which she said the government would likely prove its case. Asked if that comment bolstered hopes that Apple had succeeded in reversing the judge’s initial view of the case, a source close to Apple’s defense team smiled broadly, saying “I think we’re good.”

After more than two weeks of testimony, Cote officially closed the record on Apple’s e-book price-fixing trial at 2:33 pm on June 19. Closing arguments are scheduled to take place tomorrow, June 20, beginning at 9:30 a.m. In thanking the attorneys for their hard work, Cote said both sides should be proud. “It was a privilege to preside over this trial,” Cote said. “I worked hard and thought I learned a lot.” She added that she was “deeply gratified” for the help she received in understanding the issues.

Following tomorrow’s summations, a verdict and written opinion could come within weeks, but a court official said a good rule of thumb would be closer to two months.