, an new venture offering e-book subscription access to a broad database of e-books of every genre, has launched a private beta of the service. Founded by Brian Batten in 2011, eReatah plans to offer subscription access—at prices said to be 20% to 40% lower than retail—to more than 80,000 digital titles from major publishers for a variety of set monthly fees.

The eReatah service is a web and app-based service that supports all iOS and Android devices. The service also offers a book recommendation feature designed with Pattern Explorations Ltd., a company that offers machine learning, data mining and statistical modeling. The service offers recommendations based on the users reading history as well as selections from other eReatah members.

The service offers readers three subscription plans, (two e-books per month for $16.99, three for $25.50 or four for $33.50) with the ability to change or cancel at any time. E-books can be downloaded to Apple and Android devices via an app or side loaded into the Kindle Fire, Nook and Kobo tablets. The service allows individual members to use up to six different devices and also offers full ownership—not rental or streamed access—of all books downloaded, as well as access to the newest titles as they are released.

Batten has been working to secure terms with major publishers, including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Simon & Schuster, Workman, Sourcebooks, Ingram Content Group, Diversion Books, Open Road Integrated Media, and others. "My goal with eReatah was to design a subscription service that I myself wanted to use," Batten said, “we are also excited about our recommendation engine, which can help introduce lesser-heralded masterpieces to users so they can become curators and share those special finds."