With the fall semester in full swing, CourseSmart has announced a number of new options that it says will lower the cost of textbooks for college students.

Flexible Rental Options will allow students and institutional purchasers to select the rental length that best fits their needs, including an unlimited option for students who would like to access the title past the term of their course and the option to own the eTextbook for life. For publishers, Flexible Rental Options increases their ability to appeal to customers at different price points. CourseSmart currently has over 15,000 Flexible Rental Option titles available.

CourseSmart has also announced CourseSmart Subscription Packs, a flat fee model which allows students to purchase six bookshelf slots for $200. Launched last week, CourseSmart said “CourseSmart Subscription Packs are on pace to become one of the company's most successful product offerings ever.” The program gives students their selected titles for 150 days, providing unlimited access to their bookshelf online, offline and through CourseSmart's iOS, AOS and mobile web Apps.

CourseSmart's catalog of course materials includes more than 40,000 titles from more than 60 publishers.