The newest edition of Global eBook: A Report on Market Trends and Developments has been published by Rudiger Wischenbart Content & Consulting. First released in fall 2011, the new edition features the most recent market developments in countries with well-established e-book businesses such as the U.S. and U.K. as well as in countries with newer e-book operations including Germany, China, Brazil, India and Russia. The report notes, for example, that in the BRIC countries it is educational publishing that is driving the market unlike North America and the U.K. where trade publishing has pushed the growth of e-book sales.

The report also looks at domestic cultural and political issues that can affect how e-books are sold in different countries. As the authors note, the ambitions of such huge players as Amazon, Google, and Apple have triggered “ferocious criticism” among customers who are asking their governments for such varied things as ensuring that the conglomerates pay local taxes to providing help to allow for the development of local competitors.

The report, over 100 pages, is free during October and can be accessed at