To draw new readers to its content, Byliner, one of a handful of publishers specializing in short form digital content, is launching a promotion on Tuesday, November 26, the busiest travel day of the year. The pre-Thanksgiving push is intended to cater to the throngs of American hitting the roads, and the skies, to get to family gatherings on the following day.

The program, called ThanksReading, will run throughout the holiday and offers free access to 30 stories published by the company. ThanksReading will also coincide with a new subscription model from Byliner; among the plans is one allowing full access to Byliner content for $60 per year.

The ThanksReading content will be featured on a landing page and includes pieces by a range of authors from Jon Krakauer to Mary Roach to Jonatham Lethem. Byliner will also be sending out "street teams" in New York and San Francisco on November 26 to pass out Byliner-branded luggage tags promoting the ThanksReading push.